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Image by BiancaMarie Pătrașcu
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Client: ProRail is a Dutch infrstructure manager that stands for sustainable and growing mobility. They are responsible
for maintenance, renewal, expansion and the safety of the dutch railway network. Moreover, they manage and build train stations and regulate on business days around 1.4 million rides a day.
One of their main tasks is the installation of sound and vibration reducing measurements in order to keep
biodiversity along train tracks as high as possible and to maintain the health and quality of life for people living and
working close to the railway. 

Date: Feb  to May 2021

Duration: 4 months



Jokubas Naudziunas

Franziska Speer

Boris Taushanov

Wesley van Wijk
Joanna Zawada


Biomimicry takes observations of fauna and flora and applies natures strategies into modern technology solutions.


Through evolution nature has proved their solutions have been tested and improved with the survival of organisms.

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